Why is your phone either engaged or left to ring? 

Due to the number of people trying to get through, the lines are frequently busy. If the adviser on the phone service is researching information for a caller prior to calling them back they cannot answer another call. Please be patient. 

What  happens if  you cannot  help me? 

We will try to refer you to someone who can help you if we are unable to. However, some clients we see have problems that have no practical solution. In these cases we can always listen and try to help you cope. 

Will you tell me what to do? 

We explain to clients various options to help them manage their problems. We do not tell them which ones to take, as we never can know all the facts but we will explain the implications of each option. 

What kind of problems can you help with? 

We hold information on almost all problems that people face in their lives.

Is the information you give accurate and up to date? 

Our main information system is constantly updated and is checked by the relevant experts in each field. We hold over 12,000 pages of detailed facts and keep many reference books.

I have done something stupid; will your advisers tell me off? 

No. We do not judge our clients and will try to help you put right any mistakes you may have made. 

Can I get advice over the telephone? 

Yes we can give the same range of advice over the phone as we can face-to-face. See our contact details on our website.

Are your staff  legally qualified? 

No our advisers are not lawyers but they have all been thoroughly trained. The adviser you see can seek support from one of our specialist staff and we have many external experts we can consult. 

Will you tell anyone about my interview? 

No. The adviser will write a case record for each client but these remain strictly confidential between the client and the bureau. We will never tell anyone else about your visit without your permission. 

Are there times when you cannot help me? 

We cannot advise two sides in a dispute and will have to refer the second party to another Citizens Advice service. We are not allowed to advise on company law or on what investments to buy.

If  I am not satisfied, how do I complain? 

Ask the adviser or receptionist for our complaints leaflet or ask to see the manager. If you are not satisfied with our response you can take it further as explained in the leaflet.